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Our GANAS students after their performance during the Benito Juarez event.

GANAS is an after school tutoring/mentoring program that connects University of Oregon students to Kelly Middle School students every Monday and Wednesday. GANAS was founded in 1996 by Jim Garcia, who is now a professor at Lane Community College, and Roscoe Carin, who is a professor at the University of Oregon. This program helps improve Kelly student’s grade point average, develop bicultural leadership skills and break barriers of higher education.

We include many trips to the University of Oregon to create an expectancy in these students to pursue a higher education. During the fall term, we brought the students to the Día de los Muertos exposé here on campus. During winter term we bring a group of GANAS students to shadow university students during our annual Shadow Day.  Spring term we hold a special Cascarones event where the students decorate and fill egg shells with confetti and break them on the university students.  Through several field trips around campus with university students, we are able to create a familiarity of campus and see older students in higher education settings.


Every Monday & Wednesday
We provide rides!

Contact the coordinators:

  • Maria Gomez Leon:
  • Raul Melgario: raulm@uoregon
  • Christopher Tello:

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