Why do we clap in the beginning and after a MEChA meeting?

The unity clap originated with the United Farm Workers as a way to bridge the communication gap between Latino and Filipino Farm workers who did not share the same language; the idea was to create unity. The clap starts off slowly, then gets faster and faster like a heartbeat. We use the clap to have a collective gathering and close and to signify when we have made a decision.

What are pronouns and why do we use them?

Pronouns are how you would like to be referred to when someone is talking to or about you.

MEChA is a safe space for everyone, and to make sure that is always the case, we ask everyone to state their pronouns so we do not assume someone’s gender identity. Pronouns are said when we introduce ourselves each meeting so that we can be introduced or reminded of someone’s pronouns and to see if anyone’s pronouns have changed since gender can be fluid. We ask everyone to refrain from using “Male” or “Female” pronouns to describe their pronouns since gender is not binary (def: the idea that male or female are the only two gender identities) and static. We try to specify with a combination of:  he, him, his/ she, her, hers/ they, them, theirs, ze… only to name a few.

If you are not sure of someone’s pronouns, just refer to them by their name, use a gender neutral pronoun like (they, them, their), or ask them.

How do you become a MEChA Member?

You become a MEChA member by attending 3 or more MEChA or Mujeres meetings and/or events in a year (GANAS, general meetings, volunteering, etc.)  SIMPLE AS THAT.

What does MEChA even do?

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán (MEChA) is a student organization that promotes higher education, cultura, and historia. MEChA was founded on the principles of self-determination for the liberation of our people. We believe that political involvement and education is the avenue for change in our society.

MEChA de UO strives to meet this goal in many ways. Whether it be attending the May Day Rally to fight for Driver’s Licenses for our Raza, volunteering in community events or our GANAS after school mentoring program, inspiring Chicanx students to attend college or university through our annual Raza Unida Youth Conference, or even being able to bond and have fun on our annual retreat, and much, much more.


I do not identify as Latinx/Hispanic . Can I still join MEChA?

MEChA is open to everyone who identifies as Chicanx!
Chicanx is someone who has a resistance to a colonial state and embraces our indigenous roots and cultural, historical heritage and struggle. While it can refer to a racial or ethnic identity it is also a state of mind. It is a symbol of resistance as well as a symbol of unity for those who strive to end all types of oppression for our people.
Basically, if you are Down, you’re Brown!


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