By: Tom McNiven


Chauncey Freeman showing off his beautiful garden





An overview of Chauncey's garden

Living with his parents to save money, Chauncey Freeman, the owner of Fifth Season landscape Design and Construction, found himself unemployed during the Great Recession. As a college graduate with a diploma in both Business administration and landscape architecture, Freeman had always assumed there would be work for him. Yet, even with his diplomas and skill-set, he was unable to secure a job after college. This tore at him; he knew he wanted to do landscape architecture since his early High School years; it was his dream job, but there was nothing for him. He was discouraged, “I felt lied to and a little bitter toward the world.” After years of hard work and separating himself from his competition, he had gotten nowhere.

One of Chauncey's projects in progress

And he was not alone. All around him, his college companions were accepting job offers to do work that was completely unrelated to their field of interest. These were bright individuals who simply could not afford to remain unemployed any longer. The recession had hurt a lot of people, but Freeman was not about to let it stop him from his dream.

Chauncey in the act of laying brick

Yet after some time, even he had suffered enough; he said, “out of discouragement I feel back to my past experiences and started something for myself.” In his years before college, and before the recession, he had self-started multiple moneymaking opportunities. He said he started making money very young; selling gourds out of his childhood red wagon, setting up Root beer float stands, and raising market steer to sell at fairs were reoccurring past times in Freeman’s youth. He had many other jobs as well, but he never once worked a “normal” job – they were always self-employed. He did enjoy making money, but he really enjoyed doing it on his terms.

The gloves come off after a hard day of work for Chauncey Freeman

Freeman was not going to work somewhere he did not feel valued as a landscape architecture, so he took the leap to start his own business. He knew if he worked for himself, nobody could stop him from working his dream job. He felt confident taking the risk because, to him, there simply was no good alternative option. He knew what he wanted, and, regardless of the market, he wouldn’t settle for anything else. In the spring of 2009 Chauncey Freeman Founded Fifth Season Landscape Design and Construction, and he has been working on it ever since.