The McMorran Lab is interested in developing and applying advanced techniques in electron microscopy, coherent optics, and nanofabrication to gain fundamental insights into the properties and quantum behavior of matter. Our lab has pioneered the use of nanofabricated diffractive optical elements to sculpt electron matter waves with picoscale feature sizes. We apply this technique inside conventional electron microscopes to prepare electrons in desired quantum states. For example, one highlight of this research is the production and investigation of electron vortex beams, composed of freely propagating electrons in quantized orbital states. In addition to performing fundamental investigations of these unusual free electron states, the group is interested in applying these beams to improve electron microscopes. Specifically, we wish to apply these tools to study the structural, magnetic, and electronic properties of materials at the nanoscale.

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  1. I am currently a junior at Baldwin Wallace University, pursuing a BS in Physics with a minor in Mathematics. After completing my undergrad I plan on pursuing a Masters in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering. This semester I am in an Applied Optics Lab and a Physics of Waves class. We are currently finishing up lab with reflection and transmission holography. These topics have me excited to learn more about holography and wave properties. I would like to learn more about your project regarding Coherent Matter Wave Manipulation using Diffractive Electron Optics.
    I look farward to hearing from you.

    Thomas Iverson

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