AAD610 – Media Inventory

Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene – Media Inventory


ABAE’s challenge is that they have worked hard to build brand recognition for one of their projects–Eugene-a-Go-Go–but have not been as successful for their overall brand. Below are all their media activities, both for the organization and for Eugene-a-Go-Go.


Radio – The Executive Director often appears on the radio. They underwrite programs on KLCC, produce PSAs, and sponsor a 15-minute slot on KLZS where artists can discuss their work.


Online video – The Alliance presents short videos of noteworthy arts and business partnerships happening in Eugene at its BRAVA breakfast event. It is also putting together video segments for its blog. One of its marketing goals is for these videos to gain wide viewership, especially within the local community.


Street Advertising – In the past, they have strung a banner across 11th or Broadway. They also have a (window?) poster on 8th Street. They don’t feel this is most effective and are reconsidering this as an outreach strategy.


Print Ads – They purchase ads in the Eugene Weekly, the Oregon Daily Emerald, the Lane Community College Torch, the Lane County Travel Guide, the Choose Local Media Map, the Oregon Resource Guide, and the University Theater program and OCT playbill.


Social Media – They use Facebook and Twitter for the organization. They’ve purchased ads on Facebook.


Website – They are in the process of re-doing the ABAE website. But they have two other websites that they maintain, one for Eugene-a-Go-Go and another for Create Eugene.


Emails – They send out an e-mail newsletter to people who sign up on the Eugene-a-Go-Go website. They brand this e-news as for Eugene-a-Go-Go, but try to highlight how Eugene-a-Go-Go is a project of ABAE. They have about 850 people in their database they can send emails to.


Schwag – They have produced window decals, buzz cards (didn’t find out what this is), and coasters. We didn’t talk about these things in detail. But they are on a spreadsheet that shows their 2013-14 media activities.

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