In the Moment

By: Maisie Plew

Photos taken at GloryBee’s 2018 Bee Weekend where co-founder Dick Turanski demonstrates how to start your own beehive to new beekeepers.


The GloryBee factory store in Eugene, Oregon is co-owned by Dick and Pat Turanski and sells a range of beekeeping products from keeper gear to honey based home goods. April 21-22 is Bee Weekend where the company promotes beekeeping, bee awareness, and community education.


Dick Turanski, co-founder of GloryBee in Eugene, instructs customers on how to care for and tend to their own beehives during Bee Weekend. He holds a newly emptied crate of bees that can be sold to beekeepers just outside of the factory store.


After sedating them with sugar water, Turanski demonstrates how to deposit a new crate of bees into an empty hive for a group of interested beekeepers and customers outside of the company store. This hive will become the bees’ new home and allow the owners to harvest their honey.


A group of Honey Bees (or Apis Mellifera) swarm on the outside of a crate that is ready to be sold from the back of a large truck in the GloryBee parking lot. The company gets its bees from a farm in California and drives truck fulls of the bee crates back to Eugene where they are sold at Bee Weekend to fellow beekeepers and customers.


After placing a new queen bee and hundreds of other bees into the new hive, Turanski shows observers how to carefully re-cover the hive to finish off the hive-making process. After the demonstration at Bee Weekend the beekeepers and customers can buy their own bee filled crates and begin their very own beehive.