Below you can find a list of many popular databases and helpful tools commonly used for macroeconomic analysis.

Macro Data

  • FRED: Short for Federal Reserve Economic Data, FRED is an online database consisting of more than economic data time series from national, international, public, and private sources
  • BEA: The Bureau of Economic Analysis publishes the National Income and Products Account (NIPA) as well as regional data such as the Gross State Product (GSP) and Gross Product by industry. More
  • BLS: The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes data on Unemployment and Prices, as well as Regional Data and Productivity/Technology. More
  • CBO: The Congressional Budget office publishes data related to federal spending, revenue, and macroeconomic forecasts. More

Forecasting Data

Historical Data

Other Links

  • AER: The American Economic Association maintains a large list of data sets with descriptions and links to the data.
  • NBER: The National Bureau of Economic Research also maintains a list of links to macroeconomic data sets provided by researchers for researchers.



  • Quandl: Quandl is an open source data search service that allows users to find data sets used for finance, economics, and other disciplines as easily as Google searching. Plugins exist for most software packages to further simplify calling in data for analysis.