“It is better to give than to receive” – Click on this link to read the essay I wrote in an exploration of Cause-Related Marketing: CRM Lexicon Essay

Marketing, Media & Communication II – Winter 2014                                                                                     Learning Goals (accompanied by #reflections):

By the end of the winter term, I would like to be familiar with the free yet dependable options for large amounts of data storage and how to most efficiently utilize these resources.

#I have gained experience in transferring data from one operating system to another and feel more confident in my ability to efficiently save, move, and reopen a variety of file formats. I have also invested in tools that will help me to streamline the storage process of future projects, yet I am still interested in identifying resources that would be free of charge.

I am interested in learning through this course how arts organizations successfully use cause-related marketing strategies to promote their products and services, especially while working with artists in isolated regions.

# Through an exploration of select lexicon terms from last quarter, I familiarized myself with strategies in cause-related marketing (CRM). I have identified not only the potential benefits of CRM, but the potential pitfalls as well. I am interested in exploring deeper the consumer’s perspective on this particular marketing strategy and how arts-based social enterprises can take advantage of it to appeal to the “cultural creative”.

I am excited for the video production component of this course and I hope to challenge myself by working with an editing program that I have never used before. 

# I have learned a lot about patience, consistency, audio/video editing effects, and the variances in software editions and operating systems. I am proud of my accomplishments in this realm and would like to apply the technical skills I’ve gained in iMovie to the creation of promotional videos during my summer internship.

I would like to learn more about the pros and cons of traditional marketing strategies versus contemporary ones and how to identify which options are best suited for different types of arts organizations and audiences. 

# As a class this quarter, we explored in depth the pros and cons of marketing strategies implemented through social media platforms and learned the value of web-based evaluation tools such as Google Analytics. I have not had the opportunity to directly investigate which marketing strategies would be best suited for an arts organization located in a rural community, however, I plan to expand on this topic in my graduate research.

Marketing, Media & Communication I – Fall 2013                                                                                       Learning Goals (accompanied by #reflections):

By the end of the term, I would like to be familiar with the various design components of Adobe Creative Suite so that I may competently create and promote digital projects consistent with contemporary practices in marketing and communication.

#Drawing on my familiarity of Photoshop, I was able to pick up on Illustrator fairly quickly and used the program to design a marketing poster for my place of work – you can check it out here: Soup’s on at Sarver. I also used InDesign for the first time to create graphic standards guidelines for a local nonprofit arts organization – check out the final mock-up here: MECCA Graphic Standards. I look forward to using these programs again during the second component of this course.

It is my goal to learn about new presentation strategies and resources so that I may incorporate them into a diversified approach in my efforts to engage potential new investors, target audiences and organization team members.

#Although we were exposed to several methods of presentation strategies, I would have liked to have had more hands-on practice with tools such as survey software, interactive media, and video editing equipment. We have the opportunity to really tailor our interests in this program and I would like to take advantage of that in future Marketing:Media:Communication projects.

I would also like to become more familiar with the expansive terminology associated with graphic design, web design, font types, and social media.

#Each week, the lexicon writing exercise helped me to open up and formulate my own definitions; I am now more confident in my ability to relate terminology to marketing and visual communication strategies. I have expanded my vocabulary this quarter in relation to design and have explored the use of terms such as poster shell, leading, compress, rasterize,  resolution,  etc.

I am excited to learn the valuable components of marketing, media and communications. I hope to use this newly acquired knowledge to help foster relationships in this class with local arts organizations (Maude Kerns Art Center, MECCA, Swahili Imports, WOW Hall) that may lead to Practicum credits next term.

#This term, I have developed a professional network with local organizations such as the Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts and Swahili Imports; I look forward to applying the knowledge I’ve gain in digital mediums to marketing plans for them next term.

Check out this display ad I created for MECCA:

graphic standards


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