EBC Media Inventory

This is a list of the media inventory the Eugene Ballet Company uses to engage audiences, constituents, and benefactors. There may be more inventories that the Eugene Ballet Company uses to promote their dance studio and performances but these were the most available media outputs I was able to find:

The Eugene Ballet Company has their own website, showcasing their upcoming events and class that are available at their studio.

Orchestra Next is a group of musicians that perform with the Eugene Ballet Company. The Eugene Ballet Company’s events are displayed on the Orchestra Next website.

  • Posters: Promotes upcoming productions and ticket sales.
  • Postcards: The Eugene Ballet Company sends out postcards to a mailing list that promotes upcoming productions.
  • http://www.hultcenter.org/

The Hult Center in Eugene hosts The Eugene Ballet Company performances and promotes the performances to the public.

Eugene a Go-Go is an online site that provides information about arts and culture events around the Eugene area.

The ABAE is an organization that provides opportunities for artists within the Eugene Community. They are the creators of Eugene a Go-Go and help the Eugene Ballet Company promote their events and performances.

The Eugene Ballet Company has their own Facebook page to promote upcoming productions.

They also have a twitter account to provide information about upcoming events.

The EBC also has an Instagram page where they post photos of the performers and productions.

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