AAE Resources

We are engaged in an NSF-funded infrastructural project (BCS-1358724) to develop a corpus of African American English (AAE) and associated web-based resource. The corpus, “The Corpus of Regional African American Language” (CORAAL), and the website, “The Online Repository of African American Language Corpora” (ORAAL) seek to become important resources for a wide-range of language researchers and educators.

AAE is one of the most studied varieties of English in the world and remains one of the most publicly discussed and controversial language varieties in the United States. Yet, to date, no widely accessible linguistic data exist on the variety and research has remained focused on small, private datasets. This project is creating an important research and educational resource, which we hope will fuel research and educational advancement for many years.

Currently, we are transcribing and compiling legacy recordings from Washington D.C. (Fasold 1972), as well as a new series of sociolinguistic interviews recorded in 2015 and 2016 by colleagues at Georgetown University. Additionally, we are identifying other sites to include in the corpus, hoping to expand representation of AAE from a diverse set of regional locations. If you would like to help in this endeavor (and have requisite permissions), please feel free to contact Dr. Kendall, Charlie Farrington or Jason McLarty.