Members of the LVC lab at NWAV 45

This past weekend several members of the LVC lab presented at NWAV 45, which was held at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Charlotte Vaughn and Tyler Kendall: What do listeners know about the sociolinguistic variable (ING)?

Shelby Arnson and Charlie Farrington: Twentieth century sound change in Washington DC African American English

Jason McLarty: The perception of prosodic prominence in African American English by naïve listeners

Tyler Kendall and John Rickford (Stanford University) (organizers): Future Directions for Research and Engagement on African American Language: A special panel session

Valerie Fridland (University of Nevada Reno) and Tyler Kendall: Regional Identity and Listener Perception in Special Session, Language Regard: Methods, Variation, and Change: Celebrating the Work of Dennis Preston