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MA Project Symposia 2017

 LTS Summer 2017 MA Project Presentations

175 McKenzie, Yamada Language Center

Wednesday, August 9 – Monday, August 14

Wednesday, August 9

11-11:30 Iryna Zagoruyko Marching to Different Drummers: Teaching a Mixed Class of Heritage and Non-Heritage Learners of Russian with Motivation in Mind
11:35-12:05 Dan White Deciphering the Cryptogram: A Word Puzzle Supplement to Traditional Lexicogrammatical Acquisition
12:10-12:40 Jiyoon Lee Korean as a Second Language for English Speaking Husbands: a Multi-cultural Family Situation-based Curriculum
12:45-1:15 SeungEun Kim Using Literature to Develop Critical Thinking and Reading Skills in an EFL Class at University


Thursday, August 10

12:00-12:30 George Minchillo Academic Writing Skills for International Students of Chemistry at a U.S. University
12:35-1:05 Joliene Adams  An Adaptive Place–Conscious Ichishkíin Materials Portfolio
1:10-1:40 Heidi Shi Farewell to your ‘Inauthentic Chinese’: A Materials Portfolio for Improving CFL Learners’ Pragmatic Competence
1:45-2:15 Lin Zhu Using TBLT to Address Locative Phrase Word Order Transfer Errors from English L1 to Chinese L2


Friday, August 11

12:00-12:30 Juli Accurso Crafting a Brand in English for English Language Learning (ELL) College Athletes
12:35-1:05 Chris Meierotto Using Podcasts to Teach Academic Listening for International Undergraduate Students through Metacognition: A Flipped Portfolio
1:10-1:40 Reeya Zhao A Career Exploration Course in Mandarin Chinese for Young Learners in East Asia
1:45-2:15 Becky Lawrence Creative Writing in the Digital Age: A Course Design for Intermediate ELLs Majoring in English at an American University


Monday, August 14

12:00-12:30 Devon Hughes Women Teaching Women English: A Contemporary Women Writers Course for Female English Language and Literature Students in Egyptian Universities
12:35-1:05 Yan Deng Using Graphic Novels and Children’s Literature Books in U.S. 2nd year CFL University Courses
1:10-1:40 Valeria Ochoa Integrating Service Learning into University Level Spanish Heritage Language Classes in the United States
Please note that the last presentation by Aska Okamoto has been deferred to Fall 2017.
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