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Class of 2016: What’s Next?



The class of 2016–with special guest Sparkle– after the final day of the symposium

LTS graduates go on to work all over the world, work with various levels and ages, and teach a variety of languages. Here are some of the positions that the class of 2016 have been offered:

Katie: I will be going to Oaxaca, Mexico, to work in the language department of a local university as a teacher/researcher and eat lots of enchiladas.

Siri: I’m going to resume my work at the Royal Thai Armed Forces Language Institute, Thailand.

John: I will be teaching Spanish part-time at our local high school (Triangle Lake) and teaching German part-time at Gutenberg College, a small private college here in Eugene.

Emily:  I will be teaching in Bangkok, Thailand.

Sara: I am heading to a Chinese and ESL teaching position for elementary third grade students in a public school in Beaverton, OR. I will be teaching Chinese and English language arts and other immersion program subjects in Chinese, such as Math and Science. I am excited to be heading to this wonderful opportunity.

Kateland: I’m going to be teaching in Indonesia with the Peace Corps for two years starting in March, 2017. I will be in a rural secondary school in either East or West Java, where I will co-teach English with an Indonesian counterpart, as well as take part in community and youth development.

Annelise: I’ll be teaching English at a university in Oaxaca, Mexico, where I will hopefully also get to be involved in curriculum design.

Christopher: I’ll be working as a Research Associate at CASLS (Center for Applied Second Language Studies) on a virtual reality language app. Yay!

Anna: I’ll be teaching middle school ELA at a Cambodia international school (where the student population is 90% Cambodian).

Keisuke: I will be moving back to Portland and going back to Mt. Tabor Middle School where I spent 17 years prior to becoming a proud LTSer. What an amazing year – even better than I could have imagined!



  1. So impressive! Congrats to the awesome class of 2016, the next generations of leaders in ELT and ELT Teacher Training!

  2. Wow, vive LTS!

    Anna, say hi to Sothy Kea, a 2014 LTSer, when you go to Cambodia!!

  3. What a great diversity of teaching paths! So proud of you all!

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