Molly Barth – Representing Oregon through the Flute

The state of Oregon is lucky to have breathtaking coastal regions, wonderful hiking trails, and spectacular waterfalls. But it’s not so common for performing artists to feature the beautiful Oregon scenery in their music or videos.  Molly Barth, assistant professor of flute at the University of Oregon, is one of the few artists who showcase the beauty of Oregon through her music. 

Barth has released two music videos that were filmed at famous landmarks in the state. In December 2012, she was also one of the artists who won an Oregon Arts Commission Award. Liner Notes was able to connect with Barth for a short chat about the award.

Liner Notes (LN): Congratulations on your recent achievement, winning an Oregon Arts Commission Award. What does the award mean to you as an artist?

Molly Barth (MB): It is great to achieve recognition for the work that I have done.  I am happy that my most recent video projects have been located in Oregon (lava flows off of Route 242, Heceta Head lighthouse, and Sumpter Dredge), so I feel that I am representing Oregon as an artist.

LN: Do you have any big plans in the near future? How do you plan to use the stipend that accompanied the award?

MB: With the award money, I am excited to record a CD with pianist David Riley. We will record 20th century mainstay works of Prokofiev, Messiaen, and Hindemith, as well as cutting edge 21st century works of David Lang, Greg Mertyl, and Mario Lavista. I have also been working with guitarist Dieter Hennings recently. We have a concert at the White Stag building in Portland on Saturday, March 16 at noon.

LN: How do you describe your music and your work to audiences who are not familiar with modern flute music? With the award, do you want to bring your music to new audiences?

MB: I try to make my music appealing to new audiences using the videos that I have helped to create, and I strive to play a wide variety of contemporary music at concerts, to demonstrate the huge palate of colors that the flute can produce.

LN: What is the idea behind the “Oregonia!” series?

MB: We live in a beautiful state, and I want to show this to as many people as possible.

LN: Will you continue pursuing this series with great visual as in the first piece, “Mollitude”?

MB: “Thorn” is already completed and “Loops” will be out any day now.

For more information about Molly Barth, please visit her official website at

Thorn (above) and Mollitude (below) from bluedot productions.

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