A Conversation with Juyeon Kang

Earlier in October, the School of Music and Dance welcomed pianist and Northwern college faculty member Juyeon Kang, who performed in Beall Concert Hall and taught a piano master class. Liner Notes had a chance to speak with Kang for a follow-up about her career and her experience at the University of Oregon.

Liner Notes (LN): With experiences in teaching and performing around the world, what have you noticed about the music industry in different countries? What is your favorite place to be on tour?

Juyeon Kang (JK): The current music industry is dominated by pop music everywhere in the world. I heard that classical music is only listened to one percent of the population, even in Europe where classical music originated. I found that European countries still support their musical tradition quite well. There are still several numbers of concert series in big and small cities that are totally supported by paying audiences, and sponsorship through many companies, endowments, and various governments. Generous philanthropic persons also support pianists worldwide.

My favorite place to be on tour is Europe, since audiences tend to be more cultured and well-educated in classical music. Their understanding in classical music is more synthesized with other areas, such as history, arts, and literature. For me, the interaction through my performance seemed more engaged with individuals and audiences.

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