Raising Funds for our Dreamer Students: Fund the Dream Scholarship

Fund the Dream Scholarship

Every year in Oregon, Dreamer students transition from high school to college to continue their education. Undocumented students, including Tuition Equity and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), do not qualify for Federal Financial Aid. They are also ineligible for many other forms of financial aid that students typically use to fund their education. It is very common for them to take a term off every year to work and raise money for tuition.

Support our UO Dreamer Students!

Our Dreamers are hardworking, bright, determined Ducks! They are just like every other Duck. They have goals of owning their own businesses, working in our communities, and supporting their families. We believe nothing should stand in their way of a college degree. And Though our Dreamer students face many stressors, we can help them graduate!

This scholarship aims to provide some financial relief, allowing them to complete their degrees and fulfill their goal of becomingĀ a Duck Alumni on graduation day!

You can help! Please join us in supporting our students; Make a donation online at:

Make a donation online at: http://duckfunder.uoregon.edu/dreamers

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Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology, UO School of Music and Dance
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