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At the University of Oregon, we have started a conversation about how to make the big class feel small. We are dedicated to ensuring that students in large classes (70, 150, or even 540 students) receive the same quality education as those in small classes.

We began the process by inviting faculty teaching in each of our three largest classrooms (150 COL, 180 PLC, 156 STB) in winter term 2016 to a meeting in the classroom to discuss bright spots and challenges, along with allies from Academic Affairs, Center for Media and Educational Technology (CMET), the Registrar’s Office, Science Literacy Program and the Teaching Effectiveness Program.

The notes from a follow-up meeting with Ken Doxsee (Academic Affairs), Helen Chu (CMET), Mike Jefferis (Registrar’s Office) and me, Sierra Dawson (TEP Teaching Excellence Fellow 2016), are available via the links at the top of the page for faculty to read. There are some helpful tips for faculty teaching in these three large classes – so check it out.

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