156 Straub

Users meeting March 8th 2016: Follow-up Notes

Who Attended?

Faculty: Jon Runyeon (Human Phys), Fred Hervert (Math), Frances White (Anthropology) Mike Urbancic (Economics), Dasa Zeithamova Demircan (Psychology), Jacqi King (Human Phys), Sierra Dawson (Human Phys)

CMET: Helen Chu, Nina Fox, Karen Matson, Pat Fellows

Academic Affairs: Ken Doxsee

Teaching Effectiveness Program: Lee Rumbarger, Robert Voelker-Morris, Sierra Dawson

Science Literacy Program: Elly Vandegrift

Registrar’s office: Mike Jefferis


Ken Doxsee, Helen Chu, Mike Jefferis and Sierra Dawson re-convened to go through the challenges identified, and have separated them into the following categories: Already Accomplished, In Progress; Information for Faculty.

Already Accomplished:

Some faculty reported never being able to get the DVD player to work. The menu items never appear on the panel, so unable to select the section of the DVD they intended to play. – Buttons have now been added to the touch screen.

In Progress:

The heating and air conditioning is very loud when it turns on, and it makes it very difficult for students in the section under the balcony to hear when it is on. Checking if there is a solution or not.

When projecting two images on the screens there is a fuzzy line down the center of each image where the three projectors are knitting together the images. This line does not appear when projecting three images. CMET is going to try to manually readjust it at intervals.

Request for tablet or computer that shows what the document camera is projecting. Instructor cannot see if their sheet of paper is straight unless they walk out to the audience. Cannot see if they are writing off the screen until they turn around. Unfortunately, this would require a costly major upgrade for the switcher since it is already maxed out.

Podium’s raise and lower feature was broken, and is being looked into for repair.

Mike Urbancic is working on an accurate numbered seating chart to assign seating during exams– ALSO – Registrar’s Office is planning to add seating charts to classroom website when available.

Can’t hear the students when they ask a question. The “catch box” microphone could be useful in this room, but might need two (one for the balcony). Perhaps these can be purchased by departments, or maybe they can be kept in a box in the classroom with keypad lock. CMET is working it out – stay tuned.

Faculty Information:

Can feel dark for exams in main section. Solution – note that Sky lights can be opened to brighten the main space (control panel on the wall behind podium).

There is an access door meant for faculty behind the podium but it is always locked. Suggested having it always left open, or having it on a keypad that faculty could be assigned. Solution – Faculty can request issue of the general pool classroom key from public safety (not exterior doors only interior).

Must shut the east shades if the sun is directly behind or the projectors will shadow on the screen.

When projecting two images on the screens there is a fuzzy line down the center of each image where the three projectors are knitting together the images. Solution – This line does not appear when projecting three images

Although there are two document cameras – they are on separate podiums so it is a challenge to move notes from one doc cam to the next (to allow students to catch up if they need to). Note: the two podiums are duplicated so that one faculty can set up while the other is leaving, since time is tight between classes.

Most faculty felt like they lost eye contact with the students in the balcony (beyond row one) even while on the stage. Need large class teaching strategies to overcome this barrier.

It is fairly easy to move around main section, but quickly the balcony is above you, and easy to lose students up there. – Need large class teaching strategies to overcome this barrier.

Anything written on the white board is too small to be seen (even from those near the front). It could be used before or after class with a small group of students, but likely not during the class period.

Bright Spots Identified


There is a good amount of space between each row of seats to improve access to students by the teaching team, and give them better ability to get in and out of the seats.

The space is beautiful, and allows natural light in (via back and side wall shades and sky shades above).

The podium height is adjustable.

Can access the balcony from within the classroom via a staircase.


Can project three different images from the three projectors, if desired. Or, can project just one image two or three times onto the screen.


Faculty like the row of counter top seating at the back of the main seating area. Can ask students with laptops to sit in this area to reduce distractions.

Decent amount of wall space that can be used for “writing on the walls” activity if instructor bring post-it paper with them. Not enough space for all students to write on the walls though – probably half at the walls and half working in groups at their seats.

There is room behind the last row of seats for the teaching team to walk or the students to move.

Resident mics in the student section and especially the balcony are appealing for what they signal (more so perhaps than checking out a catch box microphone).