150 Columbia

Users meeting Feb. 26th 2016: Follow-Up Notes

Who Attended?

Faculty: Tom Greenbowe (Chem), Randy Sullivan (Chem), Mike Urbancic (Economics), Mark Reed (Geology), Mike Haley (Chem), Sierra Dawson (Human Phys)

CMET: Helen Chu, Nina Fox, Amy Keene, Karen Matson, Stan Hall, Pat Fellows

Academic Affairs:Ken Doxsee

Teaching Effectiveness Program: Lee Rumbarger, Sierra Dawson

Science Literacy Program: Elly Vandegrift

Registrar’s office: Mike Jefferis


Ken Doxsee, Helen Chu, Mike Jefferis and Sierra Dawson re-convened to go through the challenges identified in the February meeting, and have separated them into the following categories: Already Accomplished, In Progress; Information for Faculty.

Already Accomplished:
Better temperature control/air handling.
Shade needed for window next to door.
Clock needed on back wall.
Stairs at the front need yellow paint or other way to help visualize them.
Stage lights flood out first two rows (students are blinded looking at the screen) – Baffles added.
Microphone sound has feedback when turned up loud enough for 450 students to hear – Corrected.
Speakers needed in the back of the room – Not needed now that sound system fixed. More speakers will actually cause problems.

In Progress:
Podium is too small – need a portable collapsible table that allows for flexible use.
Lower door (next to window) is not being unlocked in the mornings.
Fix eight duplicate seat numbers in rows L, M.
Need chairs for the tables in the center aisle.
Need a hook for faculty jackets and bags at front of room.
Faculty podium/desk is too close to the screen and back wall (too close to see what is being projected). – need a small screen facing the instructor that shows duplicate of projection – Confidence monitor will be installed.
Check spot-lights and ensure they are not shining on the screen. Working on switch to control.

Faculty Information:
Students in first row are too close for safety during chemistry demo.
Document camera lamp reflects too much on plastic sheets (overhead acetates). Solution – CMET can help scan and convert to paper.
Document camera illumination is uneven. Solution – 5 lighting combinations – CMET will help you find the right setting.
Projector color balance needs to be adjusted – not projecting accurate colors. Solution – use HDMI cable

At the original February 2016 meeting, Faculty were invited to write on the glass white boards about “Bright Spots” -something they are doing or using in this classroom that they are really happy about.

Comfy chairs
No more separation from students (especially in the back)
Easy to get in and out of classroom
Good sturdy tables/counters on the sides of the central aisle

Built in cameras
Three screens and projectors is outstanding and versatile
Ability to use screen and white board simultaneously
Bright projectors are great
Electronics and AV are easy to use

Periodic table already came ready with elements up to 118
Room invites the instructor to walk around during the class
Able to use clicker questions and have students work in groups
Students can communicate by writing on the glass white boards on the walls
Can use the cameras to zoom in on one of the glass white boards to talk about student work.