Producers, Artists, Cool Music Being Made.


The Recording Studio facilities at the University of Oregon are so fresh. Directed by Lance Miller along with assistant Jasper Walton, the UO SOMD Recording Facilities provide superb quality for recording of recitals, faculty artists, student recordings, and special projects.

Our goal with the A.P.T. program at the University of Oregon is to explore the artistic side of music production, while also providing the technical know-how to capture that sound swirling ’round in your head.

And with the addition of the Minor in Audio Production, the Recording Arts are bigger and brighter than ever at the U of O. Here is a track we cut using our analog studio. Enjoy!


The latest Analog project, written entirely by the students.

Caution, there’s a naughty word or two..



This Could B Our Life



This is the U of O’s Central Communications story on the Recording Program. Pretty darned cool.

HouseFire, Analog Production written by Nick Hamel


And here is another fine example of the A.P.T advanced class doing a song by an Australian band the Cat Empire.

Our attempt at Radiohead..

Amy Winehouse’ “Will You Still Love Me”. Our first attempt.

And then, our attempt at Bowie…


Wow. Such fun, and not at all easy. A great experience for all.


And this nugget, our attempt at Michael Jackson.




And the Epic George Michael.


2020’s Covid Challenge Song, A new way to collaborate.


There will be much more to come as we expand our course offerings and constantly make improvements to our facilities. Stay tuned.