Get Feedback From Students

Student Experience Surveys

All Spring course surveys have been suspended, including the Midway and End-of-Course Student Experience Surveys and the Instructor Reflection.

Instructors are encouraged to regularly check in with their students throughout the term for feedback about how remote instruction is going and what small tweaks could improve the learning experience. 

Download Canvas Surveys

Use the buttons below to download Canvas versions of the student experience surveys for your own use.

Canvas Survey Upload Instructions
  • Use the buttons below and download the entire Zip file.
  • Upload to Canvas by going to Settings in your Canvas course and select “Import Course Content” (either on the right or bottom of your window)
  • Under “Import Content,” choose as the Content Type “Canvas Course Export Package”
  • Choose “Browse” and retrieve the file you downloaded above (“Student Check In”)
  • Select “All Content”
  • Click Import. 

The check in surveys will all load into your course under “Quizzes” as unpublished content.


Faculty should be aware that “anonymous” Canvas surveys can be de-anonymized to expose students’ names. For those concerned about the effect discovering this fact might have on students, we suggest the following possible solutions:

– Include a note in the Canvas survey informing students of the issue but reassuring them that you will honor their anonymity because you value their honest, constructive feedback for improving the course.

– Use Qualtrics, which does not collect identifying information, to administer the survey. Download a Qualtrics version of the Student Experience Survey and use the instructions here to upload it into your UO Qualtrics account.

Instructure is aware of this issue and is working to address it.

Marking the Midpoint

With half of UO's remote spring behind us, now is the perfect time to take stock of the class and to clarify, even shift expectations, which Academic Council gives instructors wide latitude to do in its emergency guidance. Ways to "Mark the Midpoint" include: I. Talking about student survey results with the class  TEP often says that the best thing about a midway student survey is the class conversation it...

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What Students Are Experiencing

  This week we asked students to share their remote learning experiences with two simple prompts: A challenge I’m facing with remote learning that I  wish  instructors knew about… Something one of my instructors did that I really appreciated… We’ve heard from more than 1500 students so far, and four clear themes stand out: remote learning works best when faculty are flexible, organized, provide opportunities...

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How to Check in with Students

A great way to learn about your students--who, where, and how they are; what they're struggling to understand about navigating remote learning in general, your course in particular; what interests, connects, and challenges them--is to check in regularly and ask them to share their insights. In a face-to-face setting, this can happen, for example, with a quick check-in at the beginning of class or a "minute paper"...

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