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Know the expectations for remote courses

Specifically, Academic Council expects that remote courses:
  • Provide live engagement during the scheduled meeting times, including at least 50% planned and structured content delivery or discussion.

  • Provide reasonable ways for students to complete make-up assignments for missed class sessions or participation points without loss of credit.

  • Use Canvas for posting materials, collecting assignments, providing alternatives to lectures/discussions for students who are absent from class, and posting grades.

  • Modify the course expectations as needed so long as learning objectives are met.

Create or modify your course plan and syllabus

Download a Customizable Welcome Module

Here is a course Welcome Module, which you can upload to your Canvas site and revise as you want.

Instructions for uploading:

  1. Select “Import Course Content” (either on the right or bottom of your window)
  2. Under “Import Content,” as the Content Type, select “Canvas Course Export Package”
  3. Choose File and navigate to the file (WelcomeModule.imscc)
  4. Select “All Content”
  5. There are no due dates yet so no need to select “Adjust events and due dates”
  6. Click Import and the module package and assignments will all load into your course as unpublished content.

Assess student learning

  1. Build exams or quizzes.
  2. Use rubrics and SpeedGrader.
  3. Provide feedback.
  4. Support academic integrity.

Need help designing transparent assignments? Here is a helpful template on transparent assignment design with examples.

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