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By now many of us have participated in Zoom meetings and experienced a range of Zoom features, such as breakout rooms, polls, annotation, etc. But how do we set these up in our courses?

There are many excellent “how to” articles and support resources for Zoom. Try searching at Zoom support or perhaps, better yet, visit UO Information Services helpful Zoom Portal or UO Online’s detailed Zoom Module. The latter two are especially helpful for understanding how Zoom interfaces with Canvas and Panopto. Generally speaking, you should be able to find support for any Zoom issue at these sources.

Here we focus in on a few Zoom-for-teaching basics that TEP has been fielding questions about: we hope these screenshots may save you time. Our aim is to keep adding materials to the list as issues or questions come up.  So, if you encounter a Zoom conundrum, particularly where to go to do something, let us know–we’ll create a visual resource to help. Of course, contact us with any questions or if something is still not clear after trying the materials below. Sometimes, the best solution is to meet in Zoom and practice what you are wanting to do!