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I have an academic concern about a student.
Academic Advising is the first stop for a non-crisis referral—say, students don’t show up or login during the first week of class and are unresponsive to your outreach, or are not submitting work, or grades are dropping, etc. Use this form to request that an academic advisor reach out to the student []

I have other concerns about a student.
Sometimes students cannot or will not ask for support. If you are concerned about a student, contacting the Office of the Dean of students may be a critical factor in getting them the support they need. There are several reasons why students might need help including their physical and mental well-being, issues of bias, demonstrating concerning behaviors, or you are concerned they are missing. More information about what to do when you are concerned about a student can be found here: 

If you have an urgent concern about a student, please submit a Community Care and Support report form indicating your concerns which can be found here: The Crisis Intervention Advocates within the Dean of Students will reach out to the student to discuss their situation or make an appropriate referral. If the concern is an emergency, please call 9-1-1 before completing the Community Care and Support form.

My student may need mental health support.

If you have a student that has expressed feeling stressed or overwhelmed and might share more about the personal stressors in their lives or a significant event that has affected their emotional well-being, you can connect them to University Counseling Services by encouraging the student to call (541-346-3227) and schedule an appointment to get additional support. Faculty can also remind students that UCS services are free and confidential. Learn more in Dr. Mariko Lin’s post for this blog, “Reaching Out–Student Mental Health.”

My student would benefit from tutoring and academic skills coaching.
Tutoring and academic support is available through the Tutoring and Academic Engagement Center. Consider highlighting these resources broadly through Canvas or directly referring individual students. The TAEC provides drop-in and remote math, science, and writing support, supplemental instruction and an asynchronous Online Writing Lab. Instructors are also welcome to email the TAEC at with questions about how best to refer students for tutoring or academic skills coaching

What else should I know about student support?
The Remote Resources for Students site links to support, well-being, and engagement opportunities. They also can learn about loaner laptops and low-cost and free internet access.

Any student who has difficulty affording groceries or accessing sufficient food to eat every day, or who lacks a safe and stable place to live and believes this may affect their performance in the course is urged to contact the Dean of Students Office (346-3216, 164 Oregon Hall) for support. This UO webpage includes resources for food, housing, healthcare, childcare, transportation, technology, finances, and legal support: