Access to Local Foods

Garlic is one of the many crops grown at the Food for Lane County Youth Farm.

By: Kaylie Ferkich

Access to locally grown foods entails the ability to obtain foods produced in one’s local area for consumption. However, this continues to be a problem for Americans all throughout the nation because access is either impossible or difficult. According to Feeding America, an organization that works to ease hunger in the U.S., 41 million people, 13 million of them children, are victims of hunger and starvation. It is stated by Food for Lane County, a hunger relief organization in the state of Oregon, that Lane County contributes to this high starvation number with 43% of the population unable to reach primary costs. Because of this high percentage of poverty in Lane County, Food for Lane County also states that they are working with local farming businesses to create a force that provides expanded access to local produce in order to stop starvation rates from increasing.