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Alliance for Networking Visual Culture on Kate Mondloch’s Installation Archive
     Image result for capsule aesthetic mondloch Kate Mondloch reflects on her book for New Criticals
New Media and Culture Certificate offers opportunity for graduate students
Mondloch to lead History of Art & Architecture in new UO College of Design
Mondloch receives UO Provost’s Fund for Faculty Excellence Award
Eugene Weekly Research Corner Feature, Kate Mondloch: In With the New
University of Oregon Symposium on Digital Humanities Scholarship, Kate Mondloch, moderator
Screens featured at University of New Mexico Art Museum
Oregon Humanities faculty feature
Author interview with University of Minnesota Press
Oregon Humanities Center Interview





Reviews of A Capsule Aesthetic: Feminist Materialisms in New Media Art

  • Screen Bodies (Josh Morrison)
  • Critique d’art (Aline Guillermet)
  • Theory & Event (Nathaniel Stern)
  • Choice (Laurie McMillan)
  • Neural (Neural.it)
  • ARLIS (Sylvia Page)
  • Women’s Art Journal (Ellen Levy)
  • Visual Studies (Jack Booth)



Reviews of Screens: Viewing Media Installation Art

  • Art Journal (Monica McTighe)
  • Oxford Art Journal (Ian Balfour)
  • Cinema Journal (David Sterritt)
  • Afterimage (Romy Hosford)
  • New Cinemas (Jen Harvie)
  • The Moving Image (Holly Willis)
  • Rhizome  (Nathaniel Stern)
  • Neural (Editorial staff)
  • Blur and Sharpen KCET
  • Arts Libraries Society of North America (Sarah Falls)
  • Choice (E.K. Mix)
  • Perspective (Paris) (Riccardo Venturi)