Kassia Dellabough, PhD, Director + Senior Instructor

Kassia graduated with a Master’s in Art Education from UO in 1989. An early adopter of technology she used Hypercard, a precursor to the internet to explore and present her thesis material. She went on to work in a variety of positions within Academic Extension at UO including developing a Desktop Publishing Certificate Program at the forefront of early graphic technologies in the early 90’s, and directing the marketing for continuing education programs.

In 2005 she launched the PODS office and has spent the last decade developing student career programming and working to expand the office to become a full student services office for the College of Design. see http://pods.uoregon.edu

Her teaching includes being one of the first on-line teachers for University of Oregon launching a section of Art and Human Values in 1997. She currently teaches Portfolio Development and Exploring Design Careers on line for the College of Design and manages the internship program for the College and specific majors.

She completed her doctorate in 2011 in Educational Policy and Leadership and is actively involved with educational policy on and off campus.

Her eclectic professional arts background includes creative practice as a professional musician and artist, working as a printer in screen printing, web offset, and letterpress.

As a consultant, she has presented to national conferences on a variety of topics such as Generational Communications, Developing Hybrid Courses, Creativity in Leadership. She also offers facilitation services to groups.


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