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5 Tips for Designing an Infographic

In one of my public relations classes, I created an infographic about the history of
e-learning. The infographic is currently shared on OpenSesame’s blog. OpenSesame is an online training provider. While designing this infographic, I picked up a few design tips that I will detail in this post.

Simple is better
When designing an infographic, stick to two fonts and three to five colors. In regards to fonts, I recommend choosing a serif font and a sans-serif font that complement each other. I used Optima as my sans-serif font and Didot as my serif font for my infographic. I chose Didot because it has a intellectual feel, and my infographic details the history of e-learning. Helvetice Neue and Garamond are another popular combination. All four of these fonts come standard with InDesign.

Have a focus
To avoid overwhelming your audience, narrow your focus to one topic. Once you choose your topic, sketch out your ideas on paper. Start off with a wire-frame before you take your ideas to a computer. Know exactly what you want to do before you start designing. This will help to streamline the designing process.

Embrace white space
There is no need to fill up every inch of your infographic. Let your information and images breathe. It is hard to read infographics that are overloaded with words and images. Make it easy on your audience and take a minimalistic approach to design. Remember, infographics are visually oriented so the fewer words, the better.

Come prepared
Complete all of your research before you start designing your infographic. The process of designing can be frustrating, so make it easier on yourself and break your infographic into a two-step process. Your research will also help you to better understand your topic, which will make designing easier.

Tell a story
Ensure that all of your images and text relate. Make it easy for your viewers to understand the message you are trying to convey. Your infographic should flow from left to right and top to bottom. Use lines or arrows to direct your audiences’ eyes down the page.

What design advice can you add?

The History of E-Learning Final

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