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5 Tips for an Effective Social Media Presence

My group and I pose with CAWOOD employees after our presentation.

In one of my public relations classes, I teamed up with three students to conduct a social media audit for a local marketing agency. We analyzed the agency’s and its top three competitors’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts. We used Edelman’s TweetLevel and Twitonomy to help us with our analysis. While conducting the audit, my team and I learned the importance of a strategic social media approach. Here are our top five takeaways from this assignment.

You are not a robot
Give your brand a personality. You should establish a certain tone and voice for your brand that matches the personality of your company. The content you post should be casual and conversational. People will connect with content that they can relate to and understand. If your tweets, posts or comments are dry, these posts will not encourage interactions from your followers. Make your content interesting and relevant to your audience.

Interact with others
Always respond to your customers’ replies, comments and questions. Engaging with other Twitter users will make your brand more approachable and will encourage other users to follow you. Current and potential consumers often think of brands that interact with others more favorably.

Do not underestimate hashtags, mentions and relevant links
Hashtags, mentions and links can increase your reach. Hashtags turn certain phrases into a searchable links. This allows you to organize content and track discussions based on your keywords. Mentions can encourage interactions with other Twitter users, and posts or tweets with links are more likely to be shared.

Visuals increase your reach
Posts or tweets with images have the highest interaction rates and are more likely to be shared whether the platform is Facebook or Twitter. Posts with pictures, infographics or other visuals are popular and successful. Even though these images are effective, do not overload your followers with the same content. Keep posts and tweets interesting and fresh to keep your followers interested.

Prove your worth
In social media, you need to measure your reach. You need to show your supervisors or clients the results of your social media efforts to prove your work is worth their money. Furthermore, analyzing your various social media platforms can help to inform a strategic plan. Analytics and metrics tools can help you determine which posts are more effective for your target audience.

What is your favorite social media advice? Please share it in the comments below.


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