Josh Roering, at UO since 2001

B.S., M.S., Stanford University, 1994, 1995; PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 2000

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Annette Patton, Postdoc, at UO since 2019

PhD, Colorado State University, 2019




Graduate Students

Brooke Hunter, PhD student, at UO since 2018

B.S., Macalester College, 2017




Nate Klema, MS student (primary advisor: Leif Karlstrom), at UO since 2018

B.S., Fort Lewis College, 2015




(Larry) Syu-Heng Lai, PhD Student (primary advisor: Becky Dorsey), at UO since 2018

B.S., M.S., National Taiwan University, 2011, 2015




Dan O’Hara, PhD Student (primary advisor: Leif Karlstrom), at UO since 2014

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2014




Will Struble, PhD student, at UO since 2016

B.S., Nevada-Reno, 2016




Lab alumni

Eli Orland, M.S., 2020, NASA intern

Sara Wall, B.S. thesis (Carleton College), 2019, Graduate Student, Utah State University

Emily Perman, B.S., 2019, Colorado State University

Danica Roth, Postdoc, 2018, Assistant Professor, Colorado School of Mines

Leah Youngquist, B.S. honors thesis, 2018, PhD Student, Yale University

Noah A Paoa Kannegiesser, B.S. honors thesis, 2018

Samuel Shaw, M.S., 2017, Environmental Analyst, San Francisco Estuary Institute

Nathan Schachtman, M.S., 2017, Staff Scientist, Geosyntec Consultants, Seattle, WA

Corina Cerovski-Darriau, Ph.D, 2016, Research Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California

Nathan Mathabane, M.S., 2015, Admissions Officer, Princeton University

Kristin Sweeney, Ph.D, 2015, Assistant Professor, University of Portland

Georgie Bennett, Postdoc, 2015, Lecturer, University of East Anglia (UK)

Brian Penserini, M.S., 2015, PhD student, U.C. Santa Barbara

Jill Marshall, Ph.D, 2015, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas

Alex Handwerger, Ph.D, 2015, NASA Postdoctoral Fellow

Logan Wetherell, B.S. thesis, 2014, instructor, Central Washington University

Adam Booth, Ph.D, 2012, Assistant Professor, Portland State University

Ben Mackey, Ph.D, 2009, Natural Hazards Analyst, Otago Regional Council, New Zealand

Laura Stimely, M.S., 2009, Research Scientist, Oregon Div. of Geology and Mineral Industries

Cole Smith, B.S. honors thesis, 2009, Founder/CEO, Elevate UAS

Max Calabro, M.S., 2008, Consultant/Entrepeneur

T.C. Hales, Ph.D, 2006, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University

Suzanne Walther, M.S., 2006, Assistant Professor, University of San Diego

Amanda MacLeod, M.S., 2006, Middle School Teacher, Seattle, WA

Molly Gerber (Jackson), M.S., 2004, Geospatial consultant, 3Di West

Jacob Selander, B.S. honors thesis, 2004, Instructor, Highline College, WA

Michelle Mort, M.S., 2003

Jeremy Sierra Kobor, B.S. honors thesis, 2002, Senior Hydrologist, O’Connor Environmental, San Francisco, California

Sarah Chylek, B.S. honors thesis, 2002

Visiting Scientists

Onn Crouvi, Geological Survey of Israel, 2018

David Furbish, Vanderbilt University, 2016

Matan Ben-Asher, Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Israel), 2015

Jon Pelletier, University of Arizona, 2012

Christine May, James Madison University, 2011

Alan Palmer, Massey University (NZ), 2010

Peter Almond, Lincoln University (NZ), 2007

Jarg Pettinga, Canterbury University (NZ), 2003