Our research agenda tends to focus on understanding sediment production, transport, and erosion using field, experimental, and numerical investigations, although new directions are dictated by student, postdoc, or visitor interest.  Please refer to recent publications and our research page for details.

Prospective Graduate Students

For graduate students in the Department of Earth Sciences at UO, funding is available through research fellowships and graduate teaching fellowships (GTF) depending on the availability of grant support.  Graduate students in the lab work hard despite the abundance of natural and cultural distractions in the beautiful, verdant, and cosmopolitan college town of Eugene, Oregon.  Our research lab includes an abundance of computational, field, and laboratory resources for diverse projects.  Thesis projects often involve collaboration with faculty in our department and with faculty across campus or across the globe.  Please contact Josh if you have specific interests and/or questions about applying to the program.

Prospective Postdoctoral Fellows

Occasionally, funding permits the support of postdoctoral fellows in the laboratory.  These positions are advertised, so please don’t inquire unless responding to an advertisement.  Alternatively, if you’re interested in developing a postdoctoral proposal to come to UO, please contact Josh regarding your interests.

Visiting Faculty Fellows

The Meierjurgen Fellowship provides the opportunity for faculty on sabbatical and visiting researchers from other universities and institutes to collaborate with those in the Department of Earth Sciences. The funded position provides a stipend for salary, travel, and/or living support for a term. Requirements for the fellowship are at least a term in residence and one lecture in the departmental seminar.  Please follow this link for details.