Learning Goals Reflection

  1. Learn more about the theory behind developing a successful marketing plan and being able to practically apply that knowledge. Somewhat accomplished. I wished we spent more time going in depth with marketing theories and strategies but the guest speakers did a lot to supplement the one day we did spend on them.
  2. Gain insight into how businesses, and specifically how arts organizations, can translate a brand/visual design into an effective marketing strategy. Here again, the guest speakers were great in providing some real world insight into the practices we discussed in class. I was also able to practice them myself working with OCT as an intern during the term.
  3. Apply the knowledge learned in Marketing Media Comm I with design software towards understanding and developing successful marketing plans. Definitely used this knowledge quite a bit when making infographics, presentations, and collateral content for OCT during my marketing internship.
  4. Learn about the methodologies behind how organizations analyze the effectiveness of their marketing plans and how they can shift gears so to speak if a plan is failing. We spoke at length about analytics with Seth and we all focused heavily on evaluation of OSLP reports and our own organization plans.
  5. Create and get feedback on a marketing plans created for my organization of choice from Marketing Media Communications I last term. Achieved! We completed two full marketing plans this term and received feedback and pointers from the class, Eric, and guest speakers in our execution of the plan.