Intellectual Property is a term used when referring to someone’s creative work or invention. This can be anything from a book, play, manuscript, picture, film, graphic design and so much more. So many things fall under the umbrella of intellectual property.  Anything you create is your intellectual property and you are entitled to a trademark, copyright or patent to apply to that creation.

Minimalist style is an artistic style of design. It often uses simple, and usually large, forms to convey an idea or artistic design. A minimalist design as it pertains to graphic design might utilize large amounts of white space and one focal point to create stark contrast. Like this for example: 

Transmedia is the technique of telling a story or conveying an idea across multiple media platforms, frequently making use of digital technologies. For example, a company might engage their audience in an ad campaign through social media posts like facebook and instagram, youtube video, digital billboard, or a television ad.

Affiliation refers to the partnership or cooperation between to people, organizations or entities. An affiliation may take the form of a sponsorship, collaborative venture, or even simply a parent organization to its child organization. The arts are collaborative by nature so affiliations are commonplace and should be encouraged.

Buckley the dog, the myth, the legend…none know how he came to be or where he gained his powers of social influence but what we do know is this: Buckley has permeated the minds of the 2016 cohort by way of his owner, Hames. He is a friendly pup, and adventurous pup, and one who belongs forever enshrined in the Lexicon of the 2016 AAD Cohort.