Kitchen Dog Initial Draft:

First I modified their idea for their original logo of a snarling dog and softened the edges a bit. Aiming to take away the appearance that the dog was going to bite you while still maintaining the rugged, semi-aggressive tone they associate with their organization.




NOTE: This is not a final draft! I have begun to toy with the spacing and adding the name of the organization below the logo. I am still adjusting the type and the overall spacing of the logo. Moving forward I would like to begin toying with placing the logo in a stamped shape such as a square or ellipse. Additionally, I would like to change the color palette and see how I can experiment with the feel in that regard. The brown and blue is the color palete the organization uses on their website and collateral but I think the brand might work better with a different color scheme.


Final Draft: The final branding of Kitchen Dog Theatre will consist of the graphic below and the graphic consisting of the dog only (as seen above) when appropriate on collateral.