Week 8 + 9 Progress

Week 8+9 Goals #1: To print the museum objects for the LCHM education kit I’ve been working on in AAD 4/510 GOAL #1 I printed both the paddle and the basket. The paddle didn’t turn out very well, mostly i think this had to do with the quality of the scan, which wasn’t very good.   […]

Week 7 Progress

Week 7 Goals #1: To scan and edit files of Lane County Historical Museum objects GOAL #1 I scanned a couple of items at the museum. The ones that turned out the best was a square basket and a paddle. The scanner only got part of the paddle, so I had to put it against […]

Week 6 Progress

Week 6 Goals: #1: Redesign and reprint spinner #2: Print Fox Mug   GOAL #1 When I reprinted the spinner to actually make it spin, the dowel didn’t go all of the way through and even though it printed in one piece, it didn’t attach. To fix this I needed to extrude the dowel through […]

Week 5 Progress

Week 5 Goals #1: Learn how to use the mobile scanning app to scan in images of objects. #2: Redesign and reprint the spinner GOAL #1 I went to Cal Young and worked with the scanner app on the iPad that Eric set up for me. It worked really well! I was able to get […]

Midterm Progress Report

Progress So Far: So for I am right on schedule with my original timeline. This past week I added a new task to my goals list as I got to experiement with some scanning apps. So far I have: read some articles about 3D printing and its use in museums downloaded and learned how to […]

Week 4 Progress

Week 4 Goals #1: Take objects to Cal Young to scan, play with the digitizer #2: Print an object from my design   GOAL #1: I spent some time scanning some of the objects that I brought. Here are some pictures of the results. I scanned a mouse statue that actually worked really well, then […]

Week 3 Progress

Week 3 Goals: #1: To start playing with Fusion 360 #2: To visit Cal Young Middle School and get acquainted with the lab   GOAL #1 This week I started playing around with Fusion 360. I was able to figure out the basic functions of moving around in the software and building things in the […]

Week 2 Progress

Week 2 Goals #1: Read articles/research how 3D printing is being used in the field of Museum and Art Education #2: Download 3D Design software and start playing around with it. #3: Talk to Deana Dart about the idea of making 3D manipulitables for an outreach kit for the exhibit we are planing in my […]

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