My name is Jordan Johnson, I’m a Student Ambassador and PR Officer of the Entrepreneurship Club for the University of Oregon. I help students everyday to achieve their aspirations by providing a simple understanding of all the resources available for them to succeed. For me, it’s all about helping my peers realize their own potential and excel in their chosen path.

Business and entrepreneurship are some of the most efficient tools available for changing the world and I want to use those tools to create a positive change. My long term goals focus on utilizing both the creative and action oriented skills I’ve learned as a Business major concentrating in Entrepreneurship and as an Art minor. I want to develop sustainable entrepreneurial endeavors for women who have been historically dis-empowered both domestically and abroad.

Why have an Eportfolio?

Recently, I took a class called Leadership and Communication, the goal being to make students better leaders through individual assignments, a hands on group project and intense self-reflection focused on the interactions in group and class activities. The goal of this Eportfolio is to provide you with the knowledge I gained in this class and the capabilities I now possess as a leader. The areas I will be showing my capacity in depth, are cross-cultural collaboration, written and verbal communication, and  leadership ability.



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