“It’s about dancing, partying, and making a name for yourself.”  Mr. Wiggles, a pioneer of hip hop street dance, talks about the history of street dance. [1]  The hip hop movement includes rapping, DJing, graffiti, and dancing.   The dance is creative, improvisational, and social in nature.  For the dancers it’s about having fun, being creative, and gaining street credibility.


Street dance encompasses a wide variety of dances including stepping, footwork, dougie, jerking, and headbanging.  All of these dances come from different genres: house, disco, hip-hop, rock and punk.   This field guide will focus on the hip hop genre and more specifically hip hop street dances that originate in Southern California.


Street dance by definition is a style of dance that evolved in urban and suburban areas.  As the name suggest the dance is seen in the street but can also be seen at dance parties, block parties, school yards, parks, etc.  I invite you to take a look at an intro to street dance (a video) to see examples of the dances I will focus on in this guide.




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