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Schedule of Events

“Disturbance and Resilience” 

May 30, 2017

Gerlinger Lounge
University of Oregon

9:30-9:50 Registration / coffee & snack

9:50-9:55 Opening remarks & logistics, Nicolae Morar (chair organizing committee)

10:00-12:00 Short Oral Presentations (8 * 15 min each)

1. Shane Hall (UO): The ‘New face of Climate Change’: Narratives of Climate Migrants in the Anthropocene
2. Samantha Hamlin (PSU): Lone Wolves and Copycats in Flood Hazard and Floodplain Management
3. Euell Macke (UO): Animism and Alchemy: Co-creating Spiritual Worlds with Ayahuasca
4. Evan Elderbrock (UO): Evaluating the Reclamation of Urban Turfgrass for Ecosystem Services in Eugene’s Friendly Neighborhood
5. Carla Portugal (OSU): Environment Impact on Water Quality from Erosion on Unsealed Roads Treated with Mechanical, Chemical, & Biological (MICP) Stabilizer in Brazil
6. Nathaniel Otjen (UO): An Understanding beyond Words: Cockroaches and Multispecies Entanglements
7. Allison Ford (UO): Unraveling the American Dream: Homesteading, Prepping, and Self-sufficiency as Environmental Practice
8. Taylor McHolm (UO): An Inverse Albedo: Formally Reflecting Whiteness in Pym and the Anthropocene

– short break- 15 min

12:15-1:45 Plenary Faculty Panel: Melissa Lucash (Environmental Science & Management, PSU), Allen Thompson (Philosophy, OSU), and Richard York (Sociology, UO) Catered lunch during panel keynote address

– break 30 min – poster set up

2:15-3:45 Poster Session

3:45-3:55 Poster Prize Announcement (3 * $100/each prize)

3:55-4:00 Final remarks – Richard York (Director of the Environmental Studies Program, UO)

4:00 Adjourn

NOTE: Informal Gathering at 4 pm, place: Falling Sky Brewery, EMU, organized by Emily-Bell Dinan (ENVS graduate student at UO)

Organizing Committee: Emily-Bell Dinan (Grad Rep), Monica Guy, Richard Margerum, Alison Mildrexler, Nicolae Morar (chair), Alexandra Rempel

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