Week 7: Scott Anderson response to viewings

I ran into the problem that creators of these interactive/participatory websites fear the most — frustration.

I began by looking at the site about the high rises first because it contained info I enjoy — history as it’s told with the collaboration of newspapers like the New York Times. As I began to interact with […]

Week 7: Natalie Bennon response to viewings

I enjoyed all three viewings this week. I loved how they showed the amazing work possible with audio. Each was thought provoking and offered really unique ways to listen.

But occasionally I feel lazy when watching the more interactive viewings. Do I really have to click so many times to get the story? Which should […]

Week 7 – Helen De Michiel Interview with jesikah m. ross

As I promised, I interviewed jesikah maria ross today. We began by discussing the origins of “Saving the Sierra,” in 2006, and how she and co-creator radio producer Catherine Stifter pioneered transmedia before there was a name for it, and thus began a completely unique community engagement process using media among the Sierra communities.


Week 7: Katelyn Black

In this weeks reading from Spreadable Media, Jenkins speaks at length about the history of participatory culture and how it continues to shape our online experiences and their outward projection and influence in society. Jenkins writes,“Current debates about participatory culture emerge from a much longer history of attempts to generate alternative platforms for grassroots communication”.


Brett Harmon: Week 7 Response to Viewings

Collaboration, the act of working together towards a common goal. All of us have had to collaborate with someone in our live, hell we are all doing it right now in this very class with our group projects. But collaboration in participatory media must also involve the people who we are trying to reach with […]

Week #7 – Collaboration – Lauren Marie Paterson

Of all of the projects on the Saving The Sierra site, I loved the adorable poem by the Grass Valley Charter School 4th grade class the most. They wrote it after a rafting trip, and while exploring the story map, this one struck me most because I started to think: if we invest in making […]

Week 7: Lindsey Newkirk

Even though the Saving the Sierra project websites aesthetics felt a little archaic, I thought the methods for community building and tacking the community’s issues were incredibly forward thinking. Not only was there the task of figuring out how to preserve the culture, economy and environment of the Sierra Nevada community, project coordinators had an […]

Week 7- Helen De Michiel: Collaboration and Expanding our Connective Vectors

This week’s examples are quite intentionally different, and deliberately juxtaposed. Both “Saving the Sierra” and “Public Secrets” are created by independent producers in an early phase of online multi-media, pre-2010. “Saving the Sierra” was co-created by jesikah maria ross and Catherine Stifter, and it takes on the challenge of working across platforms to collect, present, […]