Week One: Adam King Introduction

Hey there everybody. I’m a little late to the game here as I still get this whole duckweb ball rolling, but quite clearly I’m taking this class so I can get a stronger grasp on participating with media, and antecedently with my participatory media class.

Throughout my undergrad years, I had never considered journalism as […]

Week 1: Emily Priebe Introduction

My first book was published at the age of five to sparkling reviews. Of course the cliché tale of damsels in distress was crafted in the crudely shaped, pencil letters of a kindergartner, on lined sheets of paper awkwardly stapled together; but nonetheless it was a hit. And if the adoring approbation of your parents […]

Week 1-Summer Hatfield Intro

Hi! Although I’ve always had an interest in writing and storytelling, and have always kept up on the news, I am fairly new to the world of professional journalism, at least in the most common sense of the word. I started in college as an art major, and got my first degree in fine arts. […]

Week 1: Lindsey Newkirk

My name is Lindsey and I am in the Strategic Communications program as I have recently moved on from life as an entrepreneur in order to broaden my platform in sustainability communications. While I landed a great transition job working in sustainability communications at a local venue, am eager to expand my work to include […]

Week 1: Steven Wheeler

Evening everybody,

I’m another East Coast transplant, having spent my formative years in Lebanon, PA, before heading off to college at the University of Delaware. Most of my professional career has been spent in various project environments, so I’ve written everything from interdepartmental memos and project plans to training documents and reference manuals. On the […]

Week 1: Jamie (Schaub) Bourcier


My name is Jamie (Schaub) Bourcier (boo-see-aye -don’t worry, the last name is new to me, too. I’m recently married and took his name), and I am in the Strategic Communications master’s program. I am very, very excited to be here, to really BE HERE. I graduated from college way back in 1997 and […]

Week 1 – Kevin Gaboury

Test, test … is this thing on?

Howdy, my name is Kevin, and I guess I’m here because I was ready for a change. I graduated from the U of O SOJC in 2007 bright-eyed and ready to make my mark on the journalism world. After a two-year stint on twice-a-week newspaper in Prineville, Ore., […]

Week 1 – Melissa De Lyser

I am 50 years old.

I’m not going to lie: My reasons for getting a master’s degree at my age are primarily motivated by greed. In short, I want a better job with a higher pay check. It’s also true, however, to say that I’ve always wanted a master’s degree, and there were always reasons […]

Week1: Grace Roxas Morrissey

Hello all! I love the rock star reference of my last name but always still use my maiden name (Roxas) because that has been my byline for the 15 years or so that I’ve worked as a magazine, book and public relations writer.

The enterprise of engaging an audience has certainly become a lot more […]

Lauren Marie Paterson

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Lauren Marie Paterson. You can call me Lauren, or even Lolo if you like.

I come most recently from the radio world, where I served a an on-air personality for ZFUN 106.1 with experience ranging from weekend nights, middays, live afternoon drive, off location remotes, and eventually as […]