Week 5: Joel Arellano

In his post, Adam mentioned using the internet as a springboard rather than a place of isolation, and I think that’s a great way to summarize how LLC engages audiences. We have all been students at one time or another, and school lunches are hardly ever remembered as a glamorous affair, so the topic […]

Week 5: Adam King

My first thought after watching the films on Lunch Love Community? God, a flaming Cheeto must smell epically disgusting. My second thought was that this was the exact kind of work my fiancée used to do as a gardening and nutrition teacher at an elementary school inSalmon Creek,CA. The importance of hands-on education is hugely […]

Week 5 Brett Harmon: Lunch Love Community

While going through the Lunch Love Community site I am reminded of some figured I heard from my girlfriend who works at a food bank in Arizona. In Arizona along 1 in 4 children struggle with hunger on a daily basis, this is relevant because as I was watching the videos I was taken in […]

Week 5: Jarratt Taylor

I had such a participatory moment while viewing the Love Lunch Community films. While watching the film about the cooking class, I got very excited to share the piece with my friend Alex. He works at a middle school in NE Portland and runs a cooking class on Friday afternoons. He definitely spends a lot […]

Week 5: Grace R Morrissey – Reality Bites

Questioning what school children in your community eat for lunch starts off that kind of a conversation that I personally find valuable in this day and age where people can either get desensitized by too much information with no real-world connection or can just seek to affirm their biases and agenda by paying attention only […]

Lunch Love Community – Lauren Marie Paterson

I will start by stating the obvious: Lunch Love Community seems like such a neat program! I wish that our school had initiated a similar program when I was growing up, as it seems like an interactive activity that could fit perfectly with any lesson plan or educational model. The kids seemed to be having […]