Week 8 Scott Anderson: public post

The Post Secret website was interesting because it was much lighter in terms of trying to promote an altruistic cause. When I first started reading it, it reminded me of the Missed Connections ad that was circulating around Facebook last week. They’re both forms of information that serve to say something that the person would […]

Week 8: Katelyn Black

As we have seen throughout our time together in this theoretical multimedia course, We have seen various examples of the new type of ‘digital databases’ that take various shape and form. This week’s curated projects were no exception. How does data-driven journalism take on so many shapes and forms and remain effective in different […]

Week 8: Mike Plett response to viewings

“Post Secret” and “Hurricane Digital Memory Bank” really drew me in this week. “Post Secret” is strange and wonderful and a bit creepy – all at the same time. Each postcard tells its secret in a unique and artful way. Some secrets are funny, others poignant and others quite sad (more than a few touched […]

Week 8 Brett Harmon on Databases.

I feel glad that we had to look into digital databases this week because I feel like sometimes projects like these can be looked over and dismissed quickly just because they are the collections of information and stories. When in fact databases are treasure troves on information and the chronicling of stories from everyone that […]

Week 8: Grace R Morrissey – Digital Putty

Nothing hints so strongly of the potential for participatory media sense making as an archive of raw data. It’s like a lump of clay just waiting for a pair of hands (or the digital version thereof) of those so inclined to give it definition (spin /angle) in an infinite number of ways.

“Rawness” is the […]

Week #8 – The Database – Lauren Marie Paterson

La Buena Vida is a great look at our nation’s practices and policies from another pair of eyes. I do enjoy hearing the way media outlets in other countries feel about the United States (such as Russia Today) because however biased their media is toward their own country’s interests, it’s still an entirely new perspective […]

Week 8: Jarratt Taylor

In the overview to this week’s websites, Helen notes, “All three of these works have some powerful connections in the ways that they draw us in as participants, while keeping us distanced as observers.” While reading the paper “Why Collecting History Online is Web 1.5,” which overviewed the project planning and implementation of the Hurricane […]