Week 7: Mike Plett – Viewings

Highrise and Public Secrets are very immersive sites. I found myself lost for hours in both. (I ran into technical problems while attempting to navigate the Saving the Sierra site, so I didn’t get to really experience it.) The more engaging and accessible of the two was Highrise. This site was beautiful to look at, […]

Week 7: Eckerson

The idea of engaging community presented in this week’s viewings goes straight to the heart of the issues with participatory media. On one hand we saw extremely thoughtful process for community engagement with the Saving the Sierras project, and on the other hand a highly produced project that connected communities and stories across the world […]

Week 7: Adam King

One notion that really stuck in my mind while looking at Highrise and Public Secrets this week was the idea of media as art, and that even the darkest projects of human misdirection can still be composed into something that is intrinsically beautiful. As a kid growing up just outside of New York City, I’ve […]

Week 7: Scott Anderson response to viewings

I ran into the problem that creators of these interactive/participatory websites fear the most — frustration.

I began by looking at the site about the high rises first because it contained info I enjoy — history as it’s told with the collaboration of newspapers like the New York Times. As I began to interact with […]

Week 7: Joel Arellano

Public Secrets is more effective than similarly self-guided sites like Highrise because it leverages the viewer’s imagination. Apart from being an effective way to establish themes of schism, rupture, and worlds apart, the producer’s invocation of Holbein’s “The Ambassadors” offers a lesson in leveraging accessory content and engaging users’ creativity without succumbing to the […]

Brett Harmon: Week 7 Response to Viewings

Collaboration, the act of working together towards a common goal. All of us have had to collaborate with someone in our live, hell we are all doing it right now in this very class with our group projects. But collaboration in participatory media must also involve the people who we are trying to reach with […]