Week 9: Joel Arellano

Authentic Games

There is an important distinction between gaming and interactivity, and we must clearly define it before we can discuss either term as a means to re-engage audiences. Interactivity is simply bidirectional action and effect; gaming is more complex and subtle to define. Put simply, games are bounded, competitive activities willingly engaged […]

Week 9: Grace R Morrissey – Relationship status: It’s complicated

As much as we are seduced by the idea of an equal marriage between professionals of all stripes working the new media and fans/participants/users in the online space, the reality of the relationship might be more complicated.

Interdisciplinarity means a broader base of creative perspectives for a project but this broader base can also just […]

Week 9 : Brett Harmon

This week Games for a Change is something that really stood out to me for several reasons. Firstly it is because I am a self identified gamer, I am one of the people who the site talks about that grew up on video games and traditional games. To see games being able to be used […]