Week 9 Mike Plett – response to viewings

Of the three sites we were to explore this week, Games for Change was the most addictive. Over the course of a few lost hours, I:

• Tried to keep Fred alive in “Code Fred: Survival Mode” (without much luck, as it turned out)

• Learned about some really dumb ways to die in a […]

Week 9 Scott Anderson: Response to viewings

Easily the site I got sucked into the most this week was the MediaStorm site, particularly the photography project (mostly because that’s one of my interests) that included actor Jeff Bridges.

I thought these videos were done well, mostly because the interviewee was done in a quiet setting where I could actually concentrate on what […]

Week 9: Steven Wheeler – Response to viewings

Perhaps the biggest recurring question that plagues participatory media is one of, well, who actually gets to participate. Though many of the preconditions for participation may have already been met, the technological know-how might be lacking, leaving the aspiring media maker with a message or story, but no tools with which to spread it. Considering […]

Week 9: Grace R Morrissey – Relationship status: It’s complicated

As much as we are seduced by the idea of an equal marriage between professionals of all stripes working the new media and fans/participants/users in the online space, the reality of the relationship might be more complicated.

Interdisciplinarity means a broader base of creative perspectives for a project but this broader base can also just […]

Week #9 – New Media Collectives | Interdisciplinary Teams – Lauren Marie Paterson

“It’s just stuff – until you don’t have it.”

These were the first words on screen in the game “Spent” – aimed at challenging the gamer to survive the month after losing their house and job. The game gives an enticing opening as it invites to gamer to a challenge – to survive for one […]

Week 9: Jarratt Taylor

One of the funders for the projects on Mediastorm is the Alexia Foundation. Their mission is to fund projects that tell “stories that drive change.” In a way these three sites are all about telling stories that drive change. In the case of Games for Change and Mediastorm it feels more apparent because their work […]