Week 7: Emily Priebe

This week I was fascinated by the way content interplayed with form. Both the Public Secrets project and the Highrise project made incredible use of digital media to display content in a way that reflected the subject matter they were presenting. These innovative presentations elevate both projects.

Moving through the content in the Highrise project […]

Week 7: Grace R Morrissey – Symphony or cacophony?

Engaging the community can be a little like going deep into a jungle that has various trails going every which way. The discoveries off the beaten paths can be rewarding but they can also have their pitfalls. Sometimes, we can just simply be befuddled and lose our way. This is when a decent compass would […]

Week 6: Emily Priebe

With the power of communal testimony, no one person has the responsibility for every perspective but together we create an entwined whole. The Triangle Fire Open Archive makes the unfathomable concrete to remind us of our shared humanity.

While all the projects were fascinating this week, the Triangle Fire Open Archive had a profound impact […]

Week 5: Loving lunch

One of my most vivid grade school memories is the sound the meatloaf made when it landed on the plates in the hot lunch line. Ick.

Needless to say, my experiences with school lunches were not participatory. (Unless you count finding ways make the nuns think that you had eaten your food, which I don’t). […]

Week 4 – Helen De Michiel on Engagement Touchpoints

I’ve read and commented on the Week 3 Readings essays (red color text at the bottom of the WK 3 private post). I’ve been learning so much from your writings reflecting on spreadability, value and worth, and that often include the fascinating overlay of your own work-related experiences in this domain.

Now, we can continue […]