Week 8: Joel Arellano

A Database is not a Strategy I’m amazed at the skepticism folks have about Big Data despite their enthusiasm for data silos of every conceivable form of human experience. An archive is an accumulation of historical records, a site for the storage and retrieval of data- it is a resource, not a message strategy. […]

Week 8: Steven Wheeler – Response to Viewings

During our last in-class session, Dr. Zimmerman remarked that our struggle with projects like Witness and EngageMedia may stem from the fact that we are not their primary audience or, to use a term coined by Umberto Eco, “model readers.” This observation may seem like a truism to some, but it’s one I’ve been slowly […]

Week 8 Brett Harmon on Databases.

I feel glad that we had to look into digital databases this week because I feel like sometimes projects like these can be looked over and dismissed quickly just because they are the collections of information and stories. When in fact databases are treasure troves on information and the chronicling of stories from everyone that […]