Week 8 Adam King

Ahhh, finally some categorical reference points! La Buena Vida’s ability to filter through responses by selecting which questions were answered is a tool that could benefit so many of the projects we’ve looked at this semester. Imagine if David Lynch’s Storytellers Project had used some sort of itemized talking points to unite different stories? It […]

Week 8 Scott Anderson: public post

The Post Secret website was interesting because it was much lighter in terms of trying to promote an altruistic cause. When I first started reading it, it reminded me of the Missed Connections ad that was circulating around Facebook last week. They’re both forms of information that serve to say something that the person would […]

Week 8: Emily Priebe

The database is a double-edged sword. On the one hand the database has had a huge effect on the development of digital technology, but on the other hand, it opened the door to a wide variety of implications on our culture on a personal level. Gere’s book pointed out that the emergence of digital technologies, […]

Week 8: Lindsey Newkirk

I think a few people may have commented last week, after reviewing “Saving the Sierra” that it seemed such a shame that the project was no longer active. As Jesikah herself noted in the interview with Helen, the only reason that this site was even still up was that her and her project partner were […]

Week 8: Grace R Morrissey – Digital Putty

Nothing hints so strongly of the potential for participatory media sense making as an archive of raw data. It’s like a lump of clay just waiting for a pair of hands (or the digital version thereof) of those so inclined to give it definition (spin /angle) in an infinite number of ways.

“Rawness” is the […]

Week #8 – The Database – Lauren Marie Paterson

La Buena Vida is a great look at our nation’s practices and policies from another pair of eyes. I do enjoy hearing the way media outlets in other countries feel about the United States (such as Russia Today) because however biased their media is toward their own country’s interests, it’s still an entirely new perspective […]