Week 7: Katelyn Black

In this weeks reading from Spreadable Media, Jenkins speaks at length about the history of participatory culture and how it continues to shape our online experiences and their outward projection and influence in society. Jenkins writes,“Current debates about participatory culture emerge from a much longer history of attempts to generate alternative platforms for grassroots communication”.


Brett Harmon: Week 7 Response to Viewings

Collaboration, the act of working together towards a common goal. All of us have had to collaborate with someone in our live, hell we are all doing it right now in this very class with our group projects. But collaboration in participatory media must also involve the people who we are trying to reach with […]

Week 7: Jarratt Taylor

What is true collaboration? And how can you spot it in a project? When a project is neatly wrapped up and presented to an audience through film, audio, or a website, it’s possible that the collaboration that created the project will get lost. In the “about” section we will read only about the creators of […]

Week 7 – Helen De Michiel Notes on Post Prompts

We are already in the final stretch of our quarter together. This week, as you consider the theme, look at these multimedia and participatory projects that deepen our possibilities for collaboration, and work with your own team project’s outreach, what are some of the issues you are now looking at?

At this point, I invite […]

Week 7- Helen De Michiel: Collaboration and Expanding our Connective Vectors

This week’s examples are quite intentionally different, and deliberately juxtaposed. Both “Saving the Sierra” and “Public Secrets” are created by independent producers in an early phase of online multi-media, pre-2010. “Saving the Sierra” was co-created by jesikah maria ross and Catherine Stifter, and it takes on the challenge of working across platforms to collect, present, […]