Week 5: Steven Wheeler – Response to Viewings

“naked lunch, a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork.”

– William S. Burroughs


Moving from Brooke Singer and her Undesigning Platform to the Lunch Love Community makes for an almost seamless transition. Both encourage their participants to confront the situation described by the abovementioned Burrough’s quote and […]

Week 4 – Adam King

For the past 48 hours my computer has been very glitchy, and as a result was having trouble loading Stephanie Rothenberg’s pages. Whenever I clicked on a project link it would only show me weird HTML writings with scattered images upon them. Funnily enough, I at first thought that the disruption was the whole idea. […]

Week 4 – Tactical Media – Natalie Bennon

I would really like to get to know Brooke Singer. She seems passionate about many of the same things I am, basically things related to our environment. She seems primarily interested in public health as related to environmental toxins, although she also has a lot to say about the use and impact of technology in […]

Week 4 Brett Harmon: Tactical Media

What is the truth about our world? When I looked at this week’s topic of tactical media and I read the description of what it is, that is the question that my mind boiled it down to. It may seem simple of course but really that what I took tactical media to be. Now I’m […]